Basic operation

To make a calculation, enter a formula in the display by using the symbol of numbers, operations and functions available on the keyboard buttons.

Each button can have up to three symbols, the main symbol is displayed in the center, the second in the upper left and the third in the upper right. The second or third symbol is accessed by pressing on « 2ndF » or « 3ndF »before.

The display has a capacity of 19 symbols, but the formula can contain up to 65000. The overrun of the display is indicated by the color change of the triangles below the display.

Once the formula is complete, press « ENTER ». VFCalc performs the calculation of the formula and displays the result.

If there are errors in the formula, the cursor moves to the left of the symbol that generates the error and displays an error message.

To make corrections to the formula, press the triangles to move the cursor to the desired location. Press « BACK » to erase the symbol to the left of the cursor. Press « DEL » to erase the symbol to the right of the cursor. Press a symbol to insert it in the formula. Once the corrections are completed, press « ENTER »

VFCalc keeps a history of calculations performed. It is accessed by pressing the history « HIST » (2ndF).

Several settings are available in the preferences menu. It is accessed by pressing « PREF » (2ndF).