Error messages

The display errors area is below the main display.

Here is the list of error messages:

- «symbol» can't follow!

The symbol can not follow the one preceding.


Example : 4+x

The symbol of the multiplication can not follow the symbol of addition.


- «symbol» can't start the formula!

The symbol can not begin the formula.

Example : x

The multiplication symbol needs a value before.


- Too many =!

There can be only one =, to save a value or the result of the formula in a variable, or to complete the formula.


- Too many signs in the exponent!

There can be only one negative sign for a exponent.


- Too many zeros!

- Too many zeros in the exponent!

The symbol is not significant.


- Too many points!

- Too many points in the exponent!

There can be only one decimal point in a number.


- Only variables here!

Only variables can receive the result of the calculation of the formula.


- Need a ( before!

A closed parenthese request an open parenthese in the formula.


- Need a ) somewhere!

An open parenthese request a closed parenthese in the formula.


- Exponent -1 for inverse trigo functions!

Trigonometric functions accept only the exponent -1 to reverse the function.


- Need aafter a exponent!

Only a root sign can follow an exponant.


- The formula is complete!

The formula is complete when the result is stored in a variable.