The formulas introduced into the calculator can be saved in a list for reuse. In addition, they can be associated with buttons (F1 to F12) for direct access by the keyboard.

All formulas are stored in a list. To access the list, use « F » on the keyboard. The list is organized with folders and subfolders.

To save a formula or create a folder, use the « + » button at the bottom right. For a folder or a formula, you are asked a name, the content of the formula is preset with the formula present in the display of the calculator and can not be modified. You can also save a formula directly from the keyboard of the calculator, using « F+ » (2ndF).

To view or edit an item, press the « Edit » button at the top right, select the item (only one) to view or edit and press the « Details » button.

To delete an item or items, press the « Edit » button, select the item or items and press the «Delete» button.

To move an item or items, press the « Edit » button, select items and press the « Move » button. A new window asks you to select the folder where to move the selected items.

After viewing or changes are complete, press the « Done » button in the upper right.

To use a formula, just press on it in the list and it will be inserted into the calculator (display). In addition, its name will be displayed below the main display.

VFCalc has several examples of formulas.

You can save a maximum of five formulas (examples are not counted)  in VFCalc Lite and an infinite number in VFCalc.